GloryBee Donates to OSU Bee Lab

GloryBee Honey and Aunt Patty’s brands donate 1% of annual retail sales revenue to “Save the Bee” programs and “Healthy living” initiatives.

Bees not only provide us with delicious honey and hive products, they also pollinate more than one-third of our food crops.

osu labColony Collapse Disorder, insect diseases, genetically modified organisms and other issues affecting bee health, add to the decline of bee populations. As part of our mission to support ongoing education about these important issues, GloryBee works closely with the Oregon State University Bee Lab, and other apiary associations across the nation to facilitate education about the care of bees.

GloryBee recently donated a check for $10,000 to the OSU Bee lab in order to help support their research into combating bee diseases, nutrition concerns, parasites, genetic problems and many other issues linked to Colony Collapse Disorder. This research will help commercial and backyard beekeepers support healthy hives in light of the complex problems facing honey bees today.

Beekeeping has been at the heart of GloryBee from its inception, as it was a beekeeping class that our founder, Dick Turanski, held at Lane Community College that launched his business. Dick’s first students became his first beekeeping customers and this natural relationship founded on the love of bees and honey continues at the core of GloryBee today. Supporting the OSU Bee Lab makes great sense as it offers GloryBee a way to continue to foster communication and help educate both novice and experienced beekeepers in the methods and craft of healthy beekeeping.

As a company dedicated to educating people about healthy living, nutrition is at the heart of our mission. Choosing a diverse diet of fresh food sources is only made possible through the hard work and pollination of bees. We understand that honey bee colonies can only thrive if we support more diverse sources of flowering plants in our landscape. By supporting the research and work of the OSU Bee Lab, we know honey bees in the Pacific Northwest will have a dedicated team lobbying for their survival.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Karen Wooten
    Jun 27, 2013 @ 21:44:06

    A worthy cause…


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